Sound Reinforcement Systems

Sound Reinforcement Systems

The introduction of a Sound Reinforcement Systems into a church can be very
beneficial in enhancing worship.

When considering installing a sound system it is important to think about the visual
impact such a system is likely to have upon the interior of the church building. To be
most effective, loudspeakers often need to be sited in prominent positions; however it
is important that they do not detract from the beauty of the church building and their
fixings must not damage historic stonework.

The main purpose of a sound system is to reinforce the sound of the voice in the church. Achieving clear and natural speech is not a simple task. It requires suitable products and a sympathetic installation ,all of which is achievable with a system from Church Sound Ireland.

The first step in speech enhancement is to make sure the correct microphone is installed in order to capture the word of the person speaking. Without quality information at the start of the chain we will not get a good result further along it.

The next important stage is choosing the correct loudspeaker and their location in the church. We have many different products to offer solutions for all buildings.

Radio Microphones

Radio Microphones were once considered a luxury item in churches but today they are essential requirements. Having reliable wireless communication is achievable once the correct system is installed. We have lots of experience in making radio microphones work over long distances in difficult locations.

Buying a budget radio microphone for a church is a waste of money. We have taken many away over the years from churches that were ill advised.

Getting reliable results need a system to be designed and installed. Aerial placement is very important with such systems especially when the equipment is housed in your vestry or at the back of the church. Bodies absorb radio signals and big walls don’t help either. We have installed many systems which eliminate all these problems from the start and give you a system which is reliable and easy to use.

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